jsXe: The Java Simple XML Editor


jsXe とは Java Simple XML Editorという略語です。

jsXe は早くて、利用が簡単で、プラットフォーム独立のXMLエディターです。 Javaと Swingと、 Xerces-Jで作成されて、 ライセンスはGNU General Public License. jsXeの目的はユーザの簡単にXMLドキュメントを作成できるアプリケーションになることです。XMLの種類に対して、 いろいろなビューで、この目的を達成します。

jsXeは参加者、開発者や、翻訳者や、品質保証者など、が必要です。jsXeがおもしろいと思いますなら、よかったら、 参加し方を読んでください。


jsXe 0.5 pre2 released!!   2006-07-24 12:39 - jsXe
The jsXe team is proud to announce the release of jsXe 0.5 pre2. This release is a bugfix release to fix a number of bugs that were released with 0.5 pre1. A NullPointerException being thrown by the source view as well as horizontal scrolling issues in the source view have been fixed. jsXe will also reload a file that is not-wellformed on disk properly.
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jsXe 0.5 pre1 released!!   2006-07-20 09:48 - jsXe
The jsXe team is proud to release the newest unstable version of jsXe which will eventually become the 0.5 beta release.

This release contains support for user defined keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts can be used to run actions defined by jsXe. This release also includes fixes for translation files. Translation files with non-ASCII characters should display properly now.
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jsXe has migrated to SVN!!!   2006-05-24 17:57 - jsXe
The jsXe project team has just finished migrating from sourceforge's CVS services to sourceforge's SVN services. From now on users should use SVN to download the current working version of jsXe's source code. Please see http://sourceforge.net/svn/?group_id=58584 for instructions on how to download from SVN.
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jsXe 0.4 beta released!   2006-04-25 13:49 - jsXe
The jsXe team is proud to announce the release of jsXe 0.4 beta! This improves on 0.3 beta by adding support for DTD/Schema validation and introspection, a syntax highlighted source view, full encoding support, and many, many gui changes. See below for all changes over 0.3 beta!
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jsXe 0.4 pre3 released!   2006-02-19 13:45 - jsXe
The jsXe team is pleased to annonce the release of version 0.4pre3. This release focused on adding support for viewing validation errors with documents that are validated against DTD and Schema. However, A number of UI enhancements were also added in this release including cut/copy/paste in the tree view and an activity log dialog for troubleshooting. The source view was made a bit easier to use by adding the ability to maintain indent and solving some problems with syntax highlighting.
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